Here We Go!

Eight months of planning and training and its finally here. It’s go time! Woke at 4 am to finish some last minute packing and business emails.

Tracy took me to Liberia airport in Costa Rica with all my gear and then I flew to LA. My brother found out last week I had a 9 hour layover, so he decided to hop on a plane and fly out from Chicago to treat me to a birthday dinner and see me off. Was a great surprise/gift! (Especial since he then jumped back on a plane and flew back just 5 hours after arriving). Thanks Steve, really meant a lot!

I caught my next flight to Guangzhou, China at 11:50 pm. A “quick” flight, just over 15 hours. Once I arrive in China I have a 4 hour layover before I catch my final 5 hour flight into Katmandú, Nepal. Hope they have a Starbucks!! I’m going to need it.

This place is not easy to get to I left my condo in Costa Rica at 7 am March 31st and with any luck will arrive at 11am April second. I will meet up with my team and we will organize gear and get ready to take our 12 seater plane into Lukla. If you haven’t heard about Lukla airport I suggest you google it, pretty insane, mom you can skip that part 😜. From there we have a 10 day hike through the kumbu valley to Everest base camp. We have a lot of miles to cover and we go slow to acclimatize

Can’t wait to check out Nepal and add another stamp to the old passport. Dreading the jet lag but hey, adventure has a price!


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