Arrived in Kathmandu

Arrived in Kathmandu without a hitch! My bags where the first off the conveyor belt, which is always a relief! I was then picked up and shuttled to the famous Yak and Yeti hotel. I arrived about noon local time and most of the team was already gathered out on the lawn doing a gear check. This is where you explode your packs and make sure you have every vital piece of gear you will need for this expedition. We separated all our gear so that we could have one bag sent to base camp (mostly technical gear that we won’t need till we push through the kumbu ice fall. The other pack we will take on the 10 day trek from Lukla to BC (basecamp).

After we finished gear check I needed some refreshments! Headed to the bar to try the local lager, Everest. It had a bit of a bite, which I figured was foreshadowing the trip ahead, haha.

I relaxed for a couple hours and then met the team out for dinner. We all went to a roof top restaurant in the middle of Kathmandu, called Mezze. This was when we were able to talk and get to know our fellow climbers. We had a great dinner but all of us where falling asleep sitting up as the jet lag kicked in. We retreated to the hotel and passed out. After two full days of travel I could have slept on hot coals in the middle of a Metallica concert!

I will talk more about our team as I get to know them. As of right now we are 5 women and 7 men. Five are from different countries in the Middle East, one from Poland, 3 from Canada, and 3 of us from the US. Everyone has lots of experience and I look forward to climbing with them.


5 thoughts on “Arrived in Kathmandu

  1. Chad,
    So stoked to be able to be part of your trip vicariously! I love your spirit my brother. It’s so great to be watching you fulfill this dream.
    Stay strong, healthy, and careful my friend.
    And please keep the posts coming when you can.

    Su amigo y hermano.


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