Today I woke at 2 am to catch our shuttle bus to Ramechhap, where we boarded a 12 seat twin otter to fly into the worlds most dangerous airport, Lukla. The air strip is on the side of a mountain and actually slopes down hill. What makes it so scary is its only 1500 feet long and then drops off the mountain side

Ramechhap was not on the itinerary but Kathmandu has shut down the domestic run way for repairs. So the closest airstrip was in Ramechhap just 5 hours away. On a road you often see in YouTube clips with 1,000 ft vertical drop offs to your left and rock cliffs to your right. The road is about 12 feet wide but has traffic coming both ways, forcing both vehicles against the cliff and the cliffs edge when passing. Let’s just say, now that I survived, it was awesome!

We had a great 20 minute flight to Lukla and watching the landing was crazy. The team grabbed breakfast as we waited for the other two plans to arrive with our gear. Once gear was sorted and accounted for we began the trek to base camp. We will hike up slowly over the next week or so letting our bodies adjust to the altitude. This is called acclimatization, which is extremely import in preventing cerebral or pulmonary edema.

Our team at the start of the trek! We are a diverse group representing; Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Oman, Poland, Canada, Scotland, and USA. Two of the woman from Lebanon are attempting to be the first from their country to summit Everest. Everyone has a fascinating story of how they got here. Part of the joy and experience of big mountain expeditions is meeting new friends and sharing an amazing experience together.


3 thoughts on “Lukla

  1. Love the updates Chad. That drive over was probably the most dangerous part of the trip. I look forward to the next installment!


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