Namche Bazaar

Today we hiked about 2,200 ft of elevation up to the town of Namche Bazaar. The weather was perfect and the views were amazing. The hiking took close to 7 hours, but was relatively easy. We are going to stay two nights in Namche to let our bodies get use to the 10,500 ft of elevation. I currently don’t feel the altitude, but better safe than sorry.

During our trek we zig zagged across the river on large suspension bridges. Like the one below. Several were hundreds of feet high, was super cool!

We had a great meal at our tea house and they even surprised us with a cake at the end. The rooms are very simple and have no heat. I think the current temp is a few degrees below freezing but it’s nice to enjoy a mattress. The whole team climbed very strong today and I think the rest of the trek to base camp will go smoothly. Below is Garrett Madison with our cake.

Was a great day. I’m stuffed from dinner and cake and still pretty jet lagged. Heading off to bed.


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