On to Debuche

As we packed up for the trek today our host at the tea house gave us a Nepalese blessing, to bless our trip. After another group photo we started the trek to Debuche. We gained about 1500 ft in elevation along the way and hiked about 5 miles. It started out with a light rain but quickly turned to snow the higher we got. The hike was pretty easy just not that great of weather. The team moved well and everyone is in good spirits.

We stopped at the monastery in Tengboche. They don’t allow photos to be taken inside the main monastery, but I was able to get a pic out front. 😜 Unfortunately the weather limited our views. So we stopped off at the bakery and got a coffee and a piece of apple pie. It was amazing.

We have been staying at tea houses each night. These are buildings with thin walls and thinner windows. None of the rooms have heat so the temp is the same as outside. In Namche we had the luxury of a hot shower but you would have to dry off like the Tasmanian Devil as you start freezing the minute the water is turned off. But all-in-all I will take it since the next 5 weeks will be in tents once we hit base camp.


One thought on “On to Debuche

  1. Kim and I are in Puerto Vallarta this week and we are dealing with different conditions. Every day is a dream. Keep living the dream with every step, and thanks for sharing!!!


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