Active Rest Day in Dingboche

Well the clear skies didn’t last long. We were fogged in and had snow showers off and on. We decided to do a acclimatization hike to 5,000 meters or 16,400 ft. Was a good 2 hour trek to our high point and 45 minutes back down to 14,500 ft to sleep low.

I walked the village of Dingboche in the afternoon and was amazed at the ingenuity and tenacious spirit they need to survive in such a harsh climate. They have solar tea pots that actually boil the water with just reflecting mirrors. Since they are above the tree line they scoop up the Yak dung and mash it into paddies on flat rocks to dry in the sun. They then burn it in the stoves to cook and heat the dinning rooms.

Since there are no roads, all goods must be brought up on yaks, mules, and on the back of men. The sherpas are super human, I have seen guys carrying all kinds of things. Below is a photo of a Sherpa that has carried his load 20 miles and gained 5000 ft of elevation.


6 thoughts on “Active Rest Day in Dingboche

  1. Can’t imagine the actual views when the skies are clear. Hanging at 14.5k blows my mind when I think of 20 more miles and another 15k!!! Love ur updates!


  2. Hey Frosty! My class and I are following your adventures! Everyday they ask if we can see where Frosty is. They would like to know if it smells when they burn the yak dung. They are 7 and fascinated by this. Thanks for the amazing views!


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