ABC! At Base Camp!

After 9 days we have arrived to Everest base camp 17,500 ft. The hike in was fairly easy with only 600 ft elevation gain. It was still a bit difficult being sick. I’m still only about 80% and tired. Luckily we will have a couple days of rest and I should be able to recover.

Internet is very limited and very expensive so I will not be able to share as many pictures. I wish I could as this place is amazing. Our camp is five stars for camping. We all have our individual tents and the dinning tent is very nice. We have solar for the days and a generator if it’s cloudy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I want to send a shout out to Mrs. Norris’s second grade class at Quail Run Elementary in Arizona. And to AFC’s 6th grade class in IL. I appreciate the support and hope you enjoy following along on this adventure of mine.


5 thoughts on “ABC! At Base Camp!

  1. Good luck Chad! Ashton-Franklin Center 6th grade (AFC) is following every post! We are excited to be on this journey with you! -Dan Fassler. (AFC 6th grade teacher)


  2. Lots of support coming your way. Only a small percentage of people have reached your current point. Looking forward to discussing 29,029 with you some day. Be safe and be smart!!!


  3. Hang in there bro. We are praying that you get well soon. Must be hell with a sinus problem at that altitude and temp.


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