Sick Day April 11th

I woke with a pretty bad sore throat and sinus pain. We left Lobuche on our way to Gorak Shep. The walk was pretty easy and only about 600 ft in elevation. We checked into our tea house and grabbed some lunch. The lunch was ok but it didn’t like me and on top of my throat, my stomach started doing flip flop. We headed out after lunch to do an acclimatization hike to 19,000 ft. I made it to about 17,800 and my stomach said no more and my throat went into a full blown sinus infection. I snapped a quick shot of Everest and headed back to the tea house.

I quickly took a bunch of meds/antibiotics and crawled into bed. I didn’t sleep well with the ambient temperature being below freezing. But when I woke I felt much better. I still am only about 80%, but will take it slow up to Basecamp today.


2 thoughts on “Sick Day April 11th

  1. Sorry to hear about these recent challenges. I’m glad to hear that you have meds available. Getting up to base camp today sounds very cool, and hopefully your sinus challenge fades quickly.


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