Full Rest Day at Base Camp!

First of all, thank you for all the well wishes and messages. I do feel like the meds are working and I’m recovering, slowly but none the less. Today we all took it very easy. Several of the team have the sniffles and we are all feeling the altitude to some degree. Just the simplest tasks can wind you. Over 3 miles above sea level is not the easiest place to live.

Garrett and his crew have been amazing and they keep surprising us with upgrades. The food has been top notch along with the living quarters ( tents ). I even have a little cot to sleep on and the dining tent has fake green grass making it feel cozy. Most of us sat around talking and playing cards while are bodies adapt to 17,500 ft.

We went for a short walk around base camp today to locate the doctors tent. Camp has three full time MD’s on staff to monitor us for any altitude related sickness. Unfortunately we lost a couple from Canada a couple days ago. I wanted to make sure they had returned safely to Toronto before I posted. They were a great couple that had climbed 6 of the seven summits. Unfortunately,

he had some altitude related issues and had to fly home immediately . Other than that the team is doing very well.


2 thoughts on “Full Rest Day at Base Camp!

  1. Hi Chad, it’s Richard and Nancy Leicht. You are amazing! Proud to know you! We have been following your trip. Scenery is gorgeous and your commentary is great reading. Look forward to more parts of your climb. Be safe and God bless. See you in a few months!


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