Two Weeks In Nepal

Two weeks have gone by and it hasn’t been a walk in the park. Getting use to the cold and altitude again is not easy when you live in sunny Costa Rica at sea level. Battling a sinus infection as you reach 17,500 ft was not a pleasant experience either. That being said the adventure and friendships formed on big mountain expeditions quickly dissolves any of those negative memories.

After a second day of mountaineering training and another acclimatization hike (4 of us went). This time we hiked up to the end of the Khumbu Ice Fall to get a look at what awaits us. After the four of us took a minute staring at it a quote popped into my head from one of my favorite movies Armageddon. Owen Wilson’s character is getting strapped into the rocket and says: “ I’m 98% excited and 2% scared, or is it 2% excited and 98% scared! Either way that’s what makes it so intense!”

This labyrinth of moving ice is one of the more “technical” parts of the climb. Just entering this Tim Burton’s nightmare once would be bad enough, but to be successful in our quest to climb Everest we will have to go through it 6 times! I’m still deciding where I designate the 98%. 🤣🤣

Our team continues to grow in strength and unity. I continue to be impressed with fellow teammates resolve, drive, and guts. A fellow climber from Chicago, Art Muir is 73 years young and is keeping pace with the whole team. If I can be as active and as strong at 63 I will consider myself lucky, let alone 73. A picture of Art today practicing ice climbing.


5 thoughts on “Two Weeks In Nepal

  1. We are enjoying your adventures and learning so much about Everest, and why it takes so long. It’s generating so many discussions in class and we are learning new words. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!


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