Hurry Up And Wait!

Day three training on the ice and the team is getting stronger. Our guides set up another challenging obstacle course with repelling, ladder crossings, and ice climbing. It’s starting to feel like groundhogs day. Although I understand why we are here and taking our time, I’m definitely getting anxious to push ahead. But I found a way to keep our spirits up!

After our lunch we met in our Zen tent to plan out meals for our first push up to camp 1 and then on to camp 2. I think this got the group excited, although the last two weeks have not been easy, the real challenge starts when you leave base camp.

Tomorrow will be the 5 year anniversary of the earthquake that killed 18 Sherpa. Out of respect for the fallen, all teams will not advance tomorrow. Instead we will take a acclimatization hike to the basecamp of a near by mountain called Pumori.

As I write this a good storm blows outside our tents. It’s the coldest it’s been, the snow is falling fast. Glad I’m tucked away in my -40 below sleeping bag. The gear is amazing and warm. The only problem is when you need to use the bathroom.😬😬


5 thoughts on “Hurry Up And Wait!

  1. Chad, a couple of questions: 1. What temperature is it when the sun is out. For example when you took the picture with the snow man? 2. You mentioned in an earlier post that 4 of you went to do some training. What do you do when you are not training?


    1. When we have direct sun it’s feels like 40 degrees F but the thermometer still reads well below freezing in the shade. I woke this morning to my water bottle being frozen in its parka. We train from 9:30 to 1 as a team. Then 3-4 of us go out on our own to train a bit more and to pass the time. If not we are in the mess tent drinking hot drinks, playing cards, listening to music, and most of all debating if aliens made the pyramids!


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