Team Hike to side of Mt Pumori

We headed out this morning to hike again to 18,000 ft to acclimatize. Our destination was Base Camp of Mt Pumori but last nights snow made it too dangerous to hike with just trekking shoes. So we headed to another high point they called Preyer flag point. This allowed us to get a great view of Everest.

We got back and had a great lunch. I have been asked what we do when we are not training. For the most part we are in the mess tent drinking hot drinks, playing cards, listening to music, and most of the time debating if aliens made the ancient pyramids!

Most of the team are pretty wiped out from the days hike and most of them are heading to bed early. The rest of us will watch free solo on the projector we have set up in the mess tent.


4 thoughts on “Team Hike to side of Mt Pumori

  1. Been reading a lot of interesting things and accounts about Everest. One account struck me and it was deep regarding why one should be climbing Everest. There was so much to contemplate, but I liked this snippet. “We might succeed or not, that’s not important. The summit is such a small piece of the mountain. Most of the beauty and wonders are experienced during the climb.”


  2. I am find myself always wondering about the temperatures y’all are experiencing. Outside in the sun at those heights I know it can be warm or cold, but I see you in tents with big giant coats and hoods, how cold is it in there?! 😉
    Windchill factors? When you go through the Khumbu Icefall area, how cold really is it there?
    ~Nurse becomes Meteorologist- haha. Best of Luck to you!


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