Ice fall Practice

Hi everyone one, looks like the dirty little secrets I offered up yesterday were a success. I doubled the traffic to my blog! Haha. I guess I will fill you in on the real dirt when we get to high camp and life gets really tough.

Today we set out for a 3 hour hike through the Khumbu Ice Fall. We only went about 20% ( 18,200 ft in elevation) on to the glacier, to get a taste of what we will be climbing through at 2 am tonight. We go at night, because the temperature drops and things freeze more solid and avalanche risk drops in half. Since we have been in base camp we have averaged around 10 avalanches a day. Most of them off in the distance and a few on the edge of the ice fall. But there’s no getting use to the loud crack and rumble you hear when one breaks loose. We feel our route through the ice fall is pretty well protected.

We leave Base Camp (17,500 ft) at 2 am and hike through the Ice Fall to camp 1 (19,900 ft). We will set camp and stay for two nights. On the second day we will have an active rest day, which means go on a two – three hour hike to help with acclimatization. On the third day we will push up to camp two at (21,300 ft). Both of the camps will be higher than I’ve ever slept before. My previous was high camp of Aconcagua at 19,200 ft 😬😬. After two nights at camp 2 we will climb back down to base camp for 4-5 days to recover. Will check in after I get through the ice fall. Thanks for following!


7 thoughts on “Ice fall Practice

  1. Wow! This shit is getting really real! According to my calculations it is about 8:25 pm your time right now. In 6 hours you should be on the move. I’ll be very happy when I know that your whole team is through the icefall and spending time at camps 2 and 3. You had mentioned 6 trips through the icefall, and now I understand 4. Enjoy every minute of this super rare experience!!!!


  2. Another important question! How come you have internet at 19000 ft and I can’t get cell service in the French quarter !!


  3. I started to follow your blog yesterday. Alan Arnette recommended and linked to it.
    “Members aka clients aka climbers aka people are starting to get into the groove. I love this post from Chad Gaston who is doing a great job with his blog. Witty writing and great pictures – a must add to your daily reading list. “
    Good Luck and keep us updated 👍⛰👍


  4. Geez. Hard to imagine the brilliance of it all. Thank you for your words and sharing this experience!!!


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