The Return to Oxygen Rich 17,500 ft 🤔

Day two at camp 2 was chill. We woke for an early breakfast and our tent was covered in frost on the inside. My tent mate went to get up and bumped the tent and it literally started snowing on me, which was a “nice” wake up call. Pre-sun was frigid but my endless supply of Starbucks vías quickly warmed me up.

After breakfast we headed out for an acclimatization hike to 22,000 ft. The location was super cool. The guides called it the Ice Zen Amphitheater. It’s a glacier that has broke off in a huge half circle. Conan and I decided to leave our mark by building a rock sculpture. I think we nailed it!

The weather came in quick and it got cold and snowy. So I wrapped up in my sleeping bag and started making a fun movie trailer of the climb. I posted it last night for a bit of fun.

Morning came early at 4 am. We got a quick meal and started the long decent back to basecamp from camp 2. We wanted to get down through the icefall as quickly as possible. So we kept our boots moving and skipped all our rest and snack breaks. This paid off as, My climbing partner Voychek and I got down to base just as a huge icefall/avalanche broke free from the right side about halfway down the icefall. Luckily it stopped about 100 meters from a line of 20 climbers, ( several of which was our team). No one was hurt but got our pulses racing.

It feels great to be back in Base Camp! We have about 5 days of recovery and more training. On a sad note one of our fellow climbers got even sicker from altitude (AMS and Cerebral Edema ) and was choppered to Kathmandu. He is currently in the hospital recovering and will be ok, but his trip is over. I climbed with Richard in Indonesia, he is a strong climber and a good friend. The sickness was out of his control, and his presence will be greatly missed on the remainder of our climb.


3 thoughts on “The Return to Oxygen Rich 17,500 ft 🤔

  1. Great pictures, amazing blue ice in back ground, so sorry to hear of your friend. Following along everyday, and praying for safety.


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