More Training

My last post I had nothing to write about since we had a full rest day, so as I looked through my pictures I found a lot of random shots and entertained myself by writing a story to match the pictures. Saturday we practiced on the ice again. Mostly on how to jumar ( using an ascender to pull yourself up a rope). We use ropes on the Lhotse face which is about 4500 ft of sheer ice, 35-55 degrees straight up. Camp three is about 60% up this part of the mountain. The rest of the day was practicing repelling down, to prepare for descending.

This is one of the more dangerous parts of the climb. Many climbers have slipped and not stopped till they hit the bottom of the 4500 ft slope.

On Sunday 4 of us decided to take a hike back down the mountain to the last outpost called Gorak Shep. It’s between 3-4 miles and only about 600 ft in elevation change. We made quick work of it and stopped and had a beer and sprite mixed, called a rattler. After which we motored back up the mountain.

We have a lot of down time these days as the true hero’s, the Sherpas work on fixing ropes above camp 3 and dragging supplies up to it. We all sat around playing cards, and then watched Trainspotting on the projector. Tomorrow I will fill you in on more little secrets of high altitude mountaineering.


4 thoughts on “More Training

  1. Pura Vida Brother. Sending great thoughts and good weather vibes! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing adventure! Cheers…. Pete, Nichole and Boyz


  2. When you eventually get to camp three, do you acclimate and then keep moving up or do you come back down again before progressing?


    1. 2nd rotation we will skip camp 1. Hike from base camp to camp two. ( almost 4000 feet gain and 12-16 hours of climbing.). Then we will rest and push to camp three with with no O’s and just hang out for an hour then back to camp two for 2 more nights then down to basecamp


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