Final Ice Training Day

So a bit of a recap…been on this journey almost a month. Arrived at basecamp 17 days ago. We have to do 3 rotations up the mountain to acclimatize, which we have completed the 1st, reaching camp two (21,300 ft). Our next one will be in 2-3 days, hoping to reach camp 3 (24,500 ft). Then the third we will go for the summit sometime between May 18th and the 30th. Pending on gear, climbers, and weather. That being said we continue to live at basecamp (17,500 ft) and practice our skills and acclimatize.

Today we finished our ice school. This was to refresh us and get us prepared for the icefall, Lhotse Face, any crevasses, and the summit push. We honed our repelling skills, rope/anchor/crampon skills, and general safety practices. I had a blast like always on the ice courses our guides set up and today was no different. They kicked it up a notch and made the course bigger and steeper. Everyone did great and of course I took the dare to top out on the mini Matterhorn, as we called it.

Two days ago we had two brits join our team as a tag along/private expedition. The guide is Kenton Cool, A very well known, experienced climber/guide and his client Michael from London. They have fit right into the team and been a lot of fun getting to know. They will be on there own schedule but meeting up with us at the different camps. Just wanted to introduce them. Here is a pic of Michael and I at Basecamp.


One thought on “Final Ice Training Day

  1. I enjoyed the recap on the rotations. Thank you!

    Your Matterhorn move is probably freaking your fiancé out. Although I’m guessing that she is not surprised.

    I imagine you’re meeting a bunch of cool and very talented people. I’m also guessing that your climbing family/network is very impressive.

    BTW… Phoenix hit 100 degrees late last week!


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