The Push, Back at Camp 2

Hello guys, here is the latest update from Chad this morning via SAT phone…

Everest is living up to her reputation. The push through the icefall all the way to camp 2 was brutal. It didn’t help that I had a stomach bug, and my wag bag came in handy.

I have done a lot of physical activities, sports, college football, and not once have I been in a worse physical position. Three different times I collapsed on my pack to rest. I was So tired I could barely stand. I believe they call it bonking in sports, to just completely deplete your bodies energy source. I would have to cram a snickers bar down and wait the 15-20 minutes for the sugar to hit my blood stream. Then I was able to go on for another hour or so till that ran out. I assume it was made worse from being sick, and the fact we are only breathing about 50% oxygen. All in all this was my toughest physical and mental challenge. It was a brutal 10 hour push and I commend my fellow climbers who made the trek as well. Unfortunately, two stayed back in base camp trying to recover from altitude, sickness, and fatigue.

I slept a few hours and had some dinner but am back in my sleeping bag just physically and emotionally wrecked. Fortunately I held it together and feel very proud to have made it through today. Now let’s just hope I can sleep at this high altitude, it’s never easy at 21,309 ft. – Chad Gaston


3 thoughts on “The Push, Back at Camp 2

  1. That was raw and pure with honesty. Hopefully Chad’s stomach will settle down and his body continues to adjust! Please keep us posted.


  2. Find your pace Chad. There are few, if any, stronger than you out there. The sherpas are already aclimized. You don’t need to keep up with them. Love the updates and that you take the time to keep us updated.


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