Back in Namche

Today’s 20 kilometers was much more physical. Both Voychek and I are pretty tired.

We did the math, and in the last 62 hours we hiked from camp 2 down to Namche. This was over 60 kilometers and a decrease in more than 10.000 ft. We have decided we got all the adventure we needed and will charter a helicopter to fly us back up to base camp with the rest of the team.

We had a great time meeting up with the rest of the team, along with Michael, Kenton, and their new friend Nick. We got in around 2:30 pm. Grabbed a couple beers and took my first real shower in 3 weeks! It was awesome. Oh and we have a fully functioning bathroom. This place might not register as a 1 star hotel in most countries, but it feels like the Four Seasons to me!

For dinner Michael made reservations at a “Japanese” restaurant down the hill. Most of the team joined and as things go, the food was good, it just took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get it. No new pics today. Was a fast pace hike and a lot of up and down. Truth is I’m already wiped out with all the down hill climbing the last three days, and how late we stayed out for dinner. This will be short and sweet.

One funny thing at the restaurant. Most of the team was worried about the sushi being fresh. When we asked the owner,is the fish fresh? He said “yes, very fresh”. We asked where does the fresh fish come from. He thought a minute and said “ heli”. We all look around confuse,…. where is that? He points up and says heli- copter! We all busted up laughing, I quickly ordered the chicken!


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