Back to Basecamp!

First, thanks for all the comments about my father. I appreciate it. Wojciech and I woke at 5 am and headed to the heli pad to catch our chopper back to base camp. We had hiked down to Namche for the lower elevation to heal up, and that just what we did. We were recommended not to stay more than 3-4 nights max or you start losing the acclimatization you build up by being higher. So we took the “scenic” route back to basecamp.

I had never flown in a helicopter before this last October, when we used one to fly over a civil war in Papúa, Indonesia, while climbing Carstensz Pyramid. They are amazing and such a cool experience. Today was no different. We got a great view and covered 40 kilometers and more than 10,000 ft in elevation in 12 minutes, what a lifesaver. Since it took us over 5 days to hike it the first time. Below, I captured a great shot of the Khumbu Icefall this morning from the chopper!

The remaining 6 climbers of our team are booked to return tomorrow at 8 am. We are now just waiting on our skilled Sherpa team to fix the lines to the summit and a weather window to open. Once everything is a go, it will take us five days to summit, once we leave basecamp ( assuming everything goes as planned.).

The remainder of the day was spent relaxing and organizing gear. I also cleaned up my tent a bit, as it needed some cleaning. Other than that I spent the majority of the day wrapped in my sleeping bag trying to stay warm. It is amazing the difference in temperatures between Namche and Everest Basecamp!


3 thoughts on “Back to Basecamp!

  1. Yeah Chad!!! Stoked and sending you all the positive thoughts and strength I can. Just remember when you’re climbing that mountain and its getting difficult and you need to take one more step. Think to yourself, I know Jeff would take one more step and I KNOW I can out do that guy!!… 🙂

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  2. The helicopter views must have been priceless. As advanced as the process has become, it’s still you versus your mind and body. If your body is good, the last fight is the mind. I don’t know you very well, but I know enough to bet that you can do this. Climb the highest mountain and then keep grabbing more of life!


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