Costa Rica Shout Out!

When I was 21 and a Senior at Arizona State University, I took a trip to Costa Rica over Christmas break and it changed my life. I met a guy selling his surf shop/tour shop/gift shop, and restaurant. He pitched it to me and I laughed, I explained I was 21 years old, still in university, and maybe had 10 grand to my name. My mother who was on the same trip gave him my info after I had returned to university, and after a generous offer to owner finance me, I purchased it in March 2002, three months before my graduation. I turned in my last final, got very hammered, skipped the graduation ceremony and arrived in Costa Rica July 11th 2002 at the age of 22. Oh did I mention I knew no one and didn’t speak Spanish either! But I never looked back.

Since that day, I have been living and working in my adopted country and couldn’t be happier. I have met so many great Costa Rican’s (Ticos and Ticas as they prefer to be called.) It is my honor to wear their colors on my chest and I have the summit flag ready as well. I will also be representing the USA as I will never forget the opportunity she gave me as well. Merica!!!

Yesterday I sewed the patches on my jacket and no longer than an hour into my acclimatization hike today a couple from Heredia, a suburb of San Jose (the Capitol of Costa Rica) stopped me. Their names are Paul and Melissa, (he is originally from the US and she is Tica) they are on the trek to Everest basecamp and accomplished that today, congrats to the both of you! It’s a small world and it just made me proud to represent the little piece of paradise I call home! Pura Vida Costa Rica!!🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷


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