The Push!!

Kick the tires and light the fires!

Ladies, bust out the pearls and heels! Gentlemen, polish those shoes and iron your suits! Someone pop the champagne, because the main event is about to begin!!

We just got the news, we are making the final Summit push for Mt Everest 29,035 ft! The weather window opens May 21st to the 24th! Looks like the best weather of the season.

Tonight we will climb through the icefall again to camp 2, luckily I only have a 20 lb pack this time. We will sleep the nights of 17th & 18th at camp two, while resting and waiting on the weather to clear. When we are ready to move up, I will receive a bottle of O’s, hook up my mask and regulator. Pack up my tent (sleeping bag and pads, put on the full body down suit ( thanks again randy!!) then push up the Lhotse face to camp three. This is where it gets tough. Without Sherpa help my pack will weigh up to 30-35 lbs,( including the oxygen tank).

Once we arrive at camp 3 ( night of the 19th) I will have to set up my sleeping gear, eat a dehy meal and sleep with my mask on to remain on oxygen.

The next morning we will pack up get some breakfast and climb to the South Col (camp 4, 26,000 ft). We are now in the Death Zone. The area above 25,000 ft where the human body is literally dying if you are not on oxygen.

We will spend a total of three nights at or above this elevation. We sleep (or try too, they say it’s almost impossible to sleep) the night of the 20th. Then at 10 pm on the evening of the 21st we will gear up and go for the summit. We hope to arrive at The Top Of The World at dawn on the 22 nd. (Or about 6 pm May 21st in Chicago.)

We then climb back down to camp 4 to sleep and then return to camp 2 for a night and walk into basecamp mid morning on the 25th of May. This is the game plan and anyone who has climbed in high altitude knows, things always change. If that is the case I will be keeping you updated the same way. By sending my blog to Tracy.

I’m so excited, it will be hard to sleep! I want to thank EVERYONE for all the love and support you have given me on this journey! I will continue to blog through Tracy. Hope to make you all proud and send a shout out from the Top Of The World!

Last but not least. The Private client Michael and his guide Kenton Cool summited very early this morning and are already back at camp two. They were on a very accelerated program! Congrats Michael and Kenton!! Well Done!Michael and I below.


8 thoughts on “The Push!!

  1. good luck and thank you for taking the time to write this blog. I always look forward to it and hoping you and your team have a good summit!


  2. Already proud and very impressed young fella! Put the flip flops away and get to to top! You are a trip dude! You got this!


  3. Already proud of what you have done so far. I pray the mountain is friendly to you, enjoy the view from on top of the world! Namaste.


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