Patience is Key!

Soon, things get real and most of us are laying in our tents, focused on the task ahead. All the training, mental prep, and combined experience, will be needed moving up into the Death Zone. We break out the oxygen and will be on it until we return to camp 2. I am not a fan of things covering my face when I sleep, so I think it will be tough sleeping with the mask on. But what the hell, most of this trip has not been rainbows and unicorns!

We have not left camp 2 and are waiting on our guides to let us know when the next move is, Like I said, our plans are always a loose set of guidelines. Weather and other strategic factors come into play and we just need to role with it. Until I know anything I will be rolled up like a burrito trying to stay warm. Current temp at camp 2 is between -25 and -30 I think. – Chad Gaston


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