Safe back at Basecamp!

Hello everyone! I’m back at basecamp with the whole team, beat up a bit but safe! What an adventure, what a dream come true, and what a nightmare!

As soon as I am able to sit and write up how our great team of climbers, guides, and Sherpas helped us avoid the most deadly season on Everest (not counting the Earthquake,) I will. We have all been so focused on getting down and out of harms way I have not had time to write. I am also pretty banged up, weak, sick, and in need of some major rest.

At the Top Of The World! Thanks again for all the comments, well wishes, and concern. I truly appreciate it. The summit day write up will be coming soon.


8 thoughts on “Safe back at Basecamp!

  1. So happy to hear you made it to the top of the world. And more importantly happy to hear you and your team made it back down to EBC safe and sound.
    Congratulations. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us. And once you get settled, I am looking forward to hearing all about your summit day.

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  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! What an accomplishment, I know you are very proud and should be. We have followed the blogs the whole time. You write so well, you should write a book about it. Safe travels the rest of the way home and should see you later this year. Rich and Nancy Leicht


  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your story. Thank you for allowing me to follow , it was my pleasure.


  4. Cheers to you and your team my friend!! Safe travels to rest and recovery! God bless the families and the mountain.


  5. You are a firm and amazing example of hard work, constancy and resistance… Way more powerful than the entire Avengers team… I am so thank ful to work for you and actually have you in my life to look up to in many things.
    #gochad 100%


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