Practice Day (day 3 base camp)

We headed out on the glacier to practice general mountaineering techniques. Repelling, fixed lines ascending, and so on. Half the team is still fighting head colds so we kept it chill. After lunch two fellow climbers and I set out to hike up to 18,000 ft for acclimatizing.

The walk was cold and surprisingly hard so I was wiped out. I made it through dinner and just didn’t have the energy to write my blog. I headed to bed and slept 9 straight hours! I woke feeling great and refreshed. We will head out to practice the skills and techniques we will need to get through the ice fall.


One thought on “Practice Day (day 3 base camp)

  1. One thing that blows me away is that you are living at ~3000 feet above the highest mountains in Colorado!!


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