Back at Basecamp

First, above is a quick video of our attempt up the Lhotse Face. The winds were raging and the risk was not worth the reward. I sent this clip to my family and my 6 year old niece Gia said; “it looks like the part in frozen when the ice monster comes out…. “My sister said “I know, scary right?! “ And Gia replied “nah, he has those lines to hold on to!” Thanks Gia you always tell it like it is! A pic of Gia and I.

She is absolutely right. Without those lines we would literally be no match for a real “ice monster” aka The Lhotse Face. We would simply slide down a wall of ice. So far, as I have said, the Sherpas have fixed lines to camp 4. We are hoping in the near future the Sherpas will fix the lines to the summit and we can start our 3rd and final rotation. Pic of the Lhotse Face as we approach.

As I mentioned yesterday I had a major equipment failure with ordering a down suit that is way too big. My tent mate Sherif ( The Egyptian strong man) is 1 inch taller than I and the same weight. Here we are in matching suits only his is a small and fits and well mine doesn’t!

But not to worry, a fellow teammate, Randy has offered me his suit and its a perfect fit. Unfortunately, Randy has had to call his climb short, I will touch on that and all the physical challenges the mountain throws our way in the near future.

Today we woke at camp two and headed back down through the icefall to basecamp. Luckily we all made it down safe and checked off our 4th of 6 times we will maneuver through that dangerous labyrinth of shifting ice. I think I was craving the luxury of basecamp as I blasted down the mountain in 3 hours and 20 minutes, almost an hour and a half faster than my last time.

Finally, I want to thank Tracy, not only for the love and support she has given me on this journey, but when we are out of basecamp I have to text her my blog on my Garmin Inreach (Satellite phone for texting). This is not an easy thing to do. Each text has a 160 character limit per text, takes about five minutes to send, and to top it off about every third text doesn’t make it, even though it says sent! I have had to number the text and send them. This can take hours, and for that I am very grateful she can keep the blog going while I’m freezing on the side of a mountain! Thank you Tracy for all the love, patience and help. A pic of Tracy and I, so you can put a face with the name.


4 thoughts on “Back at Basecamp

  1. Keep persevering! I am really loving your updates and it is clear that I am far from alone with this sentiment! Enjoy BC and be fully ready for your next ascent!


  2. Haha, I love the photo of you in your down suit. Don’t they tell you to try everything on at home before trekking up the world’s highest mountain?

    I’m not a mountain climber, so this may be a dumb question. But why don’t they just leave the ropes permanently in place, instead of fixing them again each season?


    1. The ropes are normally left but the integrity is lost after each season. The ropes are our only lifeline No one wants to trust there lives to last years rope


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