Heading Down to Lower Elevation

Before I get started on the activities of the day, I was able to catch an avalanche on the side of Nuptse break free and blast base camp with snow and ice chunks. Check out the video below! Pretty cool if you ask me! Our commentary might be the best part!

This morning the team woke and gathered for breakfast. All of us are suffering from some nagging health issue. Luckily for us, there are 4 days built-in after the second rotation to head lower in elevation to help our bodies heal. I have finally gotten over my stomach bug only to have severe dry sinuses. Which has lead to a lot of bloody noses and other disgusting things. I will spare you the details.

Six of our team chartered two helicopters and flew down to Namche to spend 4 days at 11,220 ft. Wojciech, (pronounced like Voychek, our Polish hard man) and I wanted a bit more of a challenge so we decided to hike back down the Valley to Namche and then back up. It’s 80 kilometers round trip and over 6,000 ft of elevation change.

We set out at noon and made our way down through three towns till we stopped in Pheriche, exactly halfway to Namche or 20 km from basecamp. The Valley was as beautiful as ever and we really enjoyed the hike, especially the bakeries and cafe’s.

Tomorrow we will hike the remaining 20 km till we reconnect with the team in Namche. At 11,220 ft your body can heal much faster with thicker air. Let’s hope it works!


2 thoughts on “Heading Down to Lower Elevation

  1. Welcome back to Colorado and civilization! I’m sure that your perspective changes a lot, to the point where small towns now feel super luxurious!!


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