Groundhogs Day

Update from Chad via sat phone this morning….

Y’all remember that movie with Bill Murray, where he relives the same day over and over. Well, if you remember the last time we pushed from basecamp to camp two, I got sick and said it was the toughest day I had had in my life. Well today was not to be out done. Again 10 hours, 20lb pack, 4,000 ft of elevation, stomach bug on steroids, (lots of wag bags), and let’s add some sunburn and dry heaving. Let’s just say I’m exhausted and so is the team! They all worked very hard and did a great job.

Luckily they did not have my issues. But one of the girls,( Nelly) fell asleep at the dinner table sitting up. We got a great pic. Haha. All of us were in our tents, ready for bed by 7:30. The whole team made it, and out side of exhaustion we are in good spirits. Tomorrow is a much needed rest day. I will blog in more detail then. As of right now I can barely hold my phone up to blog! – Chad Gaston


3 thoughts on “Groundhogs Day

  1. Welcome back to camp 2. Hang in there man! Positive thoughts and enjoy the rest day. Cheering on some good weather!!!


  2. How you can be so sick and sound so positive is beyond me. Are you a motivational speaker? Stay in your tent will ya? You’re a big magnet!


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