Summited and Back at Camp 2

Hello from camp 2, we all made it down safely. We all have our aches and pains. My toes and fingers will be fine in a few months no permanent damage just dead nerves. Will lose most of my toenails, I’m sure, but it could have been much worse.

I am still processing the last two days and need some time to clear the facts from hearse, and remember what I saw and felt.

So I can tell the real story, of what happened on Everest May 23, 2019.

There are so many emotions of joy, relief, sadness, disbelief and so on. It will take some time to sort out my feelings.

Tomorrow, I will wake at five am. Gear up for the last time on this expedition.(my 53 rd day.) March across the white Sahara and down through the Khumbu Icefall for the last time. And then, when I’m safe in basecamp I will thank her (Everest) for

allowing me to summit and return safely. For not all of us who climb, return. – Chad Gaston


6 thoughts on “Summited and Back at Camp 2

  1. Well done Chad – I don’t know you, but have been following your incredible journey and enjoying your blog. A fantastic success and get down to base camp safely.


  2. Congratulations on your summit ! Prayers and pujas being said for a safe descent to EBC and your return home.

    Dennis Zerull



  3. Chad you are amazing. My students and I had so much fun following your dream. Everyday they asked, “Where’s Frosty”. Yes, we used your nickname. Thank you for giving us little tidbits of your journey. Glad to hear you are safe. Time for some much needed rest. You’ve earned it. Pura Vida.


  4. Amazing accomplishment! I have enjoyed reading your journey and would like to read the rest of the story.
    Condolences to the families who have losses.

    I must say that waiting to hear that you and the team were at least in a safer spot, back to camp 4, exhausted but safe was quite nerve racking 😜. Then safe at camp 2 , better still. Best of travels back to base camp. Many prayers!!!!


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