A Day in Namche

The morning started out beautiful, but as it goes in the mountains, it quickly got ugly. The first half of the day was frigid rain. We all hung out in the restaurant drinking coffee and sharing climbing stories. We had planned a acclimatization hike up to a monastery and a Everest view point, but it rained pretty hard so they canceled the trek.

Several of us walked into town and Richard and I (Richard is a guy I climbed Carstensz with in Indonesia) hit up the Worlds highest Irish Pub for a Guinness and some pool. We then headed over to the Hungry Yak for a yak burger and fries. While we where there they put on a movie about George Mallory ( the British explorer and his partner Irvine who died trying to summit Everest for the first time in 1924). It was called The Wildest Dream. Really good documentary just FYI.

Needless to say, we were not roughing it today. After the movie we all kinda scattered and did our own thing. I went and packed a bag and did a nice little hike as it had stopped raining. I just wanted a little alone time I think and reflect on the courage and pure determination George Mallory must have had, trying to be the first to summit this magnificent beast. When they found his body in 1999 he was wearing a tweed jacket. It’s just mind blowing the grit the early mountaineers had.

Later we all met up and had another great dinner. Tomorrow, rain or shine we push ahead to 12,000 feet. As we leave Namche tomorrow the comforts fade away and the trip really starts! I can’t wait, in the next day or so I will get to finally lay eyes on her for the first time! Everest, here I come!


9 thoughts on “A Day in Namche

  1. Loving the updates ! Sounds like the real trip is about to begin! Good lucky frosty ! Can you bring me some ice from the top of Everest- or a really big rock.


  2. The Tweed jacket may have been Mallory’s downfall. What he needed was a good Kenny Roger’s t-shirt. Great updates and photos, enjoying experiencing your trip from the warmth and safety of home.


    1. Thanks Gordon, these adventures are not just vacations they really do help realign your soul and give you clarity on the important things in your life. I call it walking meditation!


  3. I’m looking forward to following you. I’ve been fascinated with Everest for years and now over the past few years have enjoyed following different groups and people via this awesome technology.
    I’ll be praying for you too!
    Best of health and strength to you,
    Sheila in Kingwood, Texas 😊


  4. Hi Chad – Found your blog!! Sounds like you are starting the trek up. Brad and I have been thinking about you and wondering how it’s going. We’ll be praying for you and your safety as you continue your quest to Everest. Good fortune to you, Brad and Donna -Oregon IL


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